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Older but Clearer
Biographical information



10:31:2 BBY, Dathomir

Physical description





5'9" (1.76 m)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color

Light (covered in red and black tribal paint)

Family information

Khameir Sarin (father)
Kycina Opress (mother)
Savage Opress (half-brother)
Feral Opress (brother)

Political information
Known Masters


Known Apprentices

"Fear. Fear attracts the fearful, the strong, the weak, the innocent, the corrupt. Fear. Fear is my ally."
―Maul Opress[src]

Maul Opress was a male Dathomirian Zabrak Dark Jedi and assassin who served the Nightbrothers as well as the Nightsisters.


Early lifeEdit

Maul Opress was born on Dathomir to Kycina Opress, a Nightsister of Mother Talzin's coven and the Zabrak Khameir Sarin in 2 BBY. By birth, Maul was a Nightbrother, a clan of male Zabraks who served as warriors and slaves of the dominant Nightsisters.

The older brother to Feral and Savage Opress, Maul befriended the Nightsister, Asajj Ventress during his childhood, who he would later share an intimate relationship with. Baring a strong connection to the Force., Kycina wanted at least one of her sons to live free of Talzin's control.

Personality and traitsEdit


Maul Opress

"This Maul, as they call him, appears to be nothing more than an animal. A skilled animal, but a beast nonetheless."
Jard Dooku's thoughts on Maul[src]

On the surface, Maul Opress was little more than a being of pure hatred and evil, thanks to his harsh, severe training under Talzin. However, he was not totally heartless, granting those he felt worthy of his respect quick and painless deaths. He was capable of an emotional connection with others, feeling respect, admiration, perhaps even a level of attachment towards his followers Asajj Ventress and Talon'Kai.

As Talzin observed, Maul was obsessed with achieving absolute victory in anything and at any cost. Talzin regarded Maul as a terrifying being capable of withstanding pain in order to succeed against all odds. He was brave, yet prideful as well. Though still an apprentice, Maul was convinced that he could defeat the entire New Jedi Order in their own Temple. Maul's hatred of the Jedi notwithstanding, he was cautioned to guard against his pride. According to Talzin, Maul was a formidable warrior, but not a "one-being army." Maul was heavily prone to acts of gloating, despite his Talzin's disapproval. His overconfidence was such that he revealed his true identity, his master, and the survival of the Nightsisters to his target Alexi Garyn.

He understood that the New Jedi Order, rather than the New Republic, was their true enemy. Despite his loyalty and obedience, Maul could not help but wonder about the extent of his role in Talzin's grand plan.


Maul Opress

In battle, Maul was a ruthless and implacable enemy, possessed with an arrogant urge for self improvement, to be the best. His skill level left him overconfident, and he would lower his guard when he felt an opponent was no longer a threat. His arrogance almost got him killed when he opened himself up during his first battle against Owen Kenobi, an opponent he believed defeated.

After his near-death experience, Maul struggled to remain alive through his all-consuming hatred for the Jedi who defeated him, and therefore lost his sanity in the process. After being healed by Mother Talzin in both mind and body, Maul became a scheming mastermind and uncompromising killer, he was no longer a silent opponent who focused primarily on achieving victory through martial prowess any longer. Years of living in agony and exile also caused Maul to develop a new-found sense of patience, something that he never previously had truly learned under Talzin's tutelage.






Asajj VentressEdit


Powers and abilitiesEdit

Lightsaber trainingEdit

"There's a certain amount of finesse involved if you want to be a great sword-fighter."

Maul was a highly skilled lightsaber duelist, drawing heavily on volatile emotions and the dark side. However, Maul only devoted himself to Form VII's physical focus, desiring pure physical victory, rather than Dun Möch, known for it's ability to dominate the opponents spirit and exposing his inner doubts through taunts and psychological warfare. In addition to this, Maul had training in dual-saber techniques, as well as mastery of the fighting style of Teräs Käsi. Opress chose to wield a red-bladed saberstaff in combat.

When fighting multiple opponents, Maul extended the second blade of his lightsaber to form a saberstaff, doubling his lethality as Jedi rarely faced such a weapon, or a skilled practitioner in its use. Maul often used this to catch opponents by surprise. Maul had constructed the weapon himself, using ancient plans stored within a Dark holocron. He had based his lightsaber design upon that of Zannah Rain's weapon, which in turn had been a development on Exar Kun's original design.

Unlike the traditional dueling techniques of most Jedi, Maul combined his swordsmanship with martial arts and hand-to-hand combat skills a combination which made him a nearly unstoppable dervish of destruction. And whenever Maul encountered a foe he could not best through his martial prowess, he would fall back on his tactical know-how, outmaneuvering such enemies.

Force abilitiesEdit

New fat face, same fake horns

Angry Maul

Maul displayed a reasonable amount of competence in telekinesis, utilizing Force Grip and Force Choke while interrogating Hath Monchar, and being able to activate a set of door controls behind him with a flung piece of wreckage. While dueling Owen Kenobi, Maul used both telekinesis and red electricity against the Jedi.

Maul also demonstrated a resistance to Force lightning, shrugging off a barrage unleashed by the Nightsister Mighella while hunting for Alexi Garyn.

Darth Maul was skilled in combining Force talents with mechanics. Talzin gave Maul the funds and schematics he needed, and provided him with a secret facility on Coruscant in which to work. There Maul constructed his signature speeder bike Bloodfin and the Dark Eye seeker droids. Using the Force mechanical skill mechu-deru, Maul modified the protocol droid C-3PX into an assassin droid to guard his ship.


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