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Nutegunraypromo copy
Nuta-laya Gunray
Biographical information



17.7.17 BBY

Physical description





6'3" (1.84 m)

Eye Color

Yellow with Red

Skin Color


Family information

Nui Gunray (father)
Tui Gunray (mother)
Lora Besh (mistress)

Political information
"It is not honorable to be lazy."
―Nuta-laya Gunray[src]

Nuta-laya Gunray (뉴트 건 레이는 in Pak Pak) was a male Neimoidian businessman from the planet Neimoidia. Following a stint as Minister for the Trade Federation, he rose in power, eventually becoming Viceroy of the Trade Federation.


Early lifeEdit

Nuta-laya Gunray was born on the planet Neimoidia in 17 BBY.

Political careerEdit

"I've worked hard my entire life to get to this point. In my experience, if you are working hard then you should work even harder!"
―Nuta-laya Gunray[src]

Gunray joined the Trade Federation as a junior trade officer, and soon enough, saw an opportunity for promotion. The Pulsar Supertanker corporation was being reviewed by the Federation for expulsion, and the verdict happened to depend on the testimonial of Gunray. Gunray supported the expulsion, citing "malicious disregard of profit" and "charitable donations lacking discernible reward". The resulting expulsion of Pulsar voided its CEO's position in the Trade Federation Directorate, and was in need of replacement. Gunray quickly filled the role. Nute Gunray became Viceroy of the Trade Federation.

By ? ABY, Gunray served as Neimoidias Senator in the Galactic Senate. He implored the Senate to intervene when the Stark Commercial Combine began attacking Federation transports carrying precious bacta. Gunray demanded the Federation be allowed to increase its Droid Army, though he secretly met with Senator Ranulph Tarkin to bring a more decisive end to the Combine. Gunray was pressured into giving Tarkin the name of the planet on which a conference was to be held between Iaco Stark and Republic representatives.

Gunray himself joined the negotiating team on Troiken, though Stark, aware of Tarkin's plan to attack his forces, sabotaged the Senator's fleet. Aggressive negotiations broke out on Troiken, during which Gunray commanded his battle droid bodyguards to open fire without specifying the enemy. Jedi Master Tyvokka was gunned down by Gunray's droids, though the cowardly Neimoidian demanded the surviving Jedi help him to his ship. Unfortunately for Nute, his transport was destroyed, forcing him to tag along with the Jedi as they battled Stark's forces in what became known as the Stark Hyperspace War. Nute Gunray was eventually escorted back to Coruscant in the company of Senator Finis Valorum prior to Stark's defeat.

Personality and traitsEdit


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