Joclad Dooku
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Birth Name

Joclad Rowli Dooku


3.5.30 ABY

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6'2 (1.88 m)

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Family information

Jard Dooku (father)
Joclad Dooku's mother (mother)
Bandido Dooku (half-brother)
Vladimir Dooku (half-brother)
Chad Dooku (nephew)
Vladimir Dooku II (nephew)

Political information
Known Masters

Jard Dooku


"Tell me, if the Jedi care so much then why did they leave me to die? Why do they have so much power, but yet seek more? Why do they hate my father for doing the right thing and for exposing the truth about them? I'll tell you why... because they don't want to give up their power and standing."
―Joclad Dooku[src]

Joclad Dooku, also known as Joclad Danva, was a male Human Dark Jedi who served the Fist of the Empire and later the Confederacy of Independent Systems as a General.


Early LifeEdit

Joclad Dooku was born on Serenno in 3 ABY to Jocasta and the Count as well as the Moff of the Serenno sector, Jard Dooku. Dooku was raised at Dooku Castle with his older brother, Vladimir, whom he greatly admired. Dooku was trained in the ways of The Force by his father from a young age.

Traveling the GalaxyEdit

Eventually, Dooku passed his father's tests and began his independent studies by journeying across the the Galaxy. This further research led him to become a master of the martial arts form known as Teräs Käsi, a highly physical form of fighting. In his work, he encountered many different creatures on far-flung worlds. In several of these encounters, such as his meeting a Force-sensitive jakobeast in the Outer Rim Territories, he would have to draw his weapon in self-defense. Together with fellow Dark Jedi Bultar Swan and Ur-Sema Du, he came across yet another Force-sensitive species called a marsh haunt. In one mission, when he used his Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor, his datapad was stolen by Jawas, who were known to take any shining object that caught their attention.

Often traveling to Bunduki to participate in the Teräs Käsi matches held there annually, Dooku refrained from using the Force against his opponents as he believed that gave him an unfair advantage. During the 22 ABY match between Dooku and Phow Ji, Dooku was outmatched and defeated by Ji, who took the victory as proof that the Force did not exist.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Drenis Kyle Rowling

Joclad Dooku

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Joclad Dooku was known for his fighting prowess, both armed with lightsabers and with his bare hands. He was a skilled Teräs Käsi martial artist. Dooku was a practitioner of of all the lightsaber forms, but was a master of Niman.