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The Galactic Credit Standard, simply called credit, colloquially referred to as Republic Dataries, and later known as the Imperial Credit, or Imperial Dataries, was the main currency in use in the Galaxy since the time of the Galactic Republic.

The galactic credit standard was established on Sojourn. From its inception, the credit was backed by the immense wealth of the planet Muunilinst and the InterGalactic Banking Clan (IGBC). During the Clone Wars, the IGBC backed the currencies of both sides, as it would do again later for the New Republic and Imperial Remnant.

One tenth of a credit was called a decicred.


A credit chip

The credit was a physical currency with both coins and bills in circulation. Although they were about the same size, credits sometimes came in different patterns or designs, most likely depending on how much they were worth. Sometime during the height of the Galactic Republic, credit chips became popular. During the Separatist Civil War, the credit also came in the form of small metallic ingots. There were also cubes that were presumably similar to chips. Near the end of the Galactic Empire's reign, physical currency enjoyed an increase in popularity as denizens of the galaxy awaited resolution to the Galactic Civil War. Many were wary that credit chips could become worthless following the war.

In some places credits could be accessed via a debit code. Credits could be transferred or withdrawn from an account card. These were usually used by sabacc or pazaak players.