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Savage - Paint and Horns
Savage Opress
Biographical information


Birth Name

Savage Sarin


6 BBY, Dathomir

Physical description





6'5" (1.97 m)

Eye Color


Skin Color


Family information

Khameir Sarin (father)
Kycina (mother)
Maul (half-brother)
Feral (half-brother)

Political information
Known Masters
"How does one defend against such power?"
―Savage Opress[src]

Savage Opress was a Male Zabrak who served the Nightbrothers.

Trained alongside his brother by Mother Talzin in the ways of the dark side, he served the Nightsisters.


Early lifeEdit

Savage Opress, the Dathomirian Zabrak male was born on Dathomir to Kycina Opress, a Nightsister of Mother Talzin's coven and the Zabrak Khameir Sarin. By birth, Savage was a Nightbrother, a clan of male Zabraks who served as warriors and slaves of the dominant Nightsisters.

He had at least two brothers among his kin, and during infancy, Opress and his brother, Maul, underwent rituals to be consecrated as initiates in the warrior culture of the Zabrak Nightbrothers. After their mother died a few years later, Opress and his brother were taken by Talzin to become one of the Nightbrothers and were trained in the ways of Shadow Magic. Opress thus grew up only knowing his younger brother, whom he vowed to watch over in the Nightbrothers' dangerous way of life.

Blood loyaltiesEdit

Personality and traitsEdit


Savage was very strong-willed, being able to defeat the mental manipulation of the Nightsisters and turn against both Talzin and Jard Dooku. Nonetheless, he still showed great loyalty to those whom he felt deserved it, such as his brothers and Mother Talzin.

While his brother, Maul, was a deliberate and planning person, who always considered the possible consequences of his actions, Savage was hot-headed and only sought to carry out the orders of Talzin, Jard Dooku, and later Maul. He would destroy everyone and everything in his path, not considering the consequences, like he did with King Katuunko. After reuniting with Maul, however, he became more level-headed but was still not able to control his passion, which caused him strife with his brother. Although Savage did not always agree with Maul, and once challenged him to a duel, the two brothers genuinely cared about each other.

Savitashri was similar to his brother in that he had a strong bloodlust, especially against people who he thought were weak.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


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